Friday, November 20, 2009 is Launched

Pumpkin Martinis
Welcome to the world's first blog dedicated to libations solely for Halloween!  We'll be featuring all types of drinks, with and without alcohol.   I started researching drinks for Halloween a few years ago when I was looking for pumpkin based martinis.     I gathered as many recipes as I could find, then ended up melding them into my own recipe.   The very next year after refining the recipe to perfection, Bols, the maker of the pumpkin liqueur I used, stopped manufacturing and distribution of the liqueur.   I then set out to make my own pumpkin liqueur and it has been a hit among my friends.

Pumpkin Martinis with vine
Since that time, I've created a new pumpkin martini, my personal favorite, called the Subtle Pumpkin Martini.   I published the recipes for the drinks and the pumpkin liqueur in my Halloween blog TangleofWires, but now it is time for the Halloween drinks to take center stage.

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