Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Liqueur, The Final Product - Bottling and Labeling

Pumpkin Liqueur - Bottled and Labeled
If you've gone to the trouble of making your own pumpkin liqueur, the final step is to bottle and label it.   I've tried a few variations over the years and here is my latest effort.    The bottles, label paper, and shrinkwrap caps all came from a local brewing supply company, and I designed the labels and printed them on a basic inkjet printer.  

The labels are easy, they can be laid out in most any word processing program and printed to the special label paper which has a water soluble glue on one side.  Cut, wet, and place the labels being careful not to get the ink damp, as it can bleed or run.  I also put small labels on the back with my recipe notes for the particular bottling as I'm always experimenting and refining the recipe.

Filtering of your pumpkin liqueur is the hardest part to achieve a professional looking product.   Even after extensive filtering, you'll likely find a layer of sediment at the bottom of your bottles after a period of time.

The final touch that really makes them look pro, is to add a shrinkwrap sealing cap.   These are the same caps used on wine bottles and they come in a variety of colors.   Just slide them on and shrink them (carefully) with a heat source, such as a heat gun, hair dryer, propane torch, or even your stove top.
Pumpkin Liqueur

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