Thursday, October 28, 2010

Indian Corn Layered Smoothy

Here is another original cocktail for both Halloween and the holidays that I'm calling the Indian Corn Layered Smoothy.    Indian corn candy is the inspiration, you know the stuff, the cousin of candy corn.   But the spark of invention came after spotting Three Olives Purple Vodka.      I was concerned that the grape flavor would be a problem, but the result is good, really good!  And I'm a harsh critic of sweet drinks.

I had trouble with the name, but decided on "smoothy" as the cream is what makes this distinct, and it has a smooth, sweet creamy flavor that changes from the beginning of the drink to the end of the drink.   Now the hard part....making the drink.

This cocktail is in the category of flashy dramatic holiday drinks.   The layers, when done right, are a thing of Halloween beauty.    Ingredients:
The layering is the hard part.   Layering works because the density of each ingredient is different.  The pumpkin liqueur will sit on the bottom, with the vodka happily staying on the top.   The cream will float on it all.  But the act of pouring is key as it is easy to end up mixing two layers.

In an open glass, like a martini glass, you can hold a spoon over the glass, just to one side and pour slowly into the spoon.   I prefer a deeper glass like the scotch glass shown here, or a champagne flute.   This requires even more care.   The pumpkin liqueur is easy, but then put the vodka in a small ladle, hold it close to the pumpkin liqueur, and pour slowly.   Same for the cream.   Use just enough cream to cover the top.

The first sip comes out mostly grape -- the vodka.   Then it mixes with a little cream.   It gets creamier as you continue and then the pumpkin emerges and gets stronger as you drink more. 

There is a lot of alcohol in this cocktail so enjoy responsibly.

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